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"The Oldest Village in Greene County"

The following excerpt taken from Fairbanks and Tuck, Past and Present of Greene County, Missouri, Early and Recent History and Genealogical Records of Many of the Representative  Citizens, 

Round barn at Hobbs farm

The oldest of these outlying villages is undoubtedly Ebenezer located upon section 12, township 30, range 22, in Robberson township.  The first settler here was a man named (Samuel)Painter, in the year 1831...the celebrated Robberson family came from Tennessee and located in the neighborhood.  This family consisted of the widowed mother, Elizabeth Robberson, and seven sons and an equal number of daughters.  The prairie where they settled took the family name, and the township afterwards organized also bears that title to this day.  At Ebenezer was organized a church, and when the question of a name was up some one suggested "'Ebenezer."  "Thus far the Lord has led us on," and thus the name of both church and hamlet was settled.  Here was, at a very early day, the site of Ebenezer College, long since discontinued.  There is a church building, a flour mill, and thriving public school; also, several general stores.

Letter from A Pioneer's Grandson...

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